Weekly Memo

Weekly Memo

I woke up on Monday and told myself I would not have a Trump section. Well, that didn't exactly work out as planned. 



Trump's Muse on US Trade with China - The New Yorker

Trump, China & the Ties that Bind - Racked

My talented cousin makes the occasional appearance in the Harvard Crimson as a political cartoonist. Here's his take on Trump's "microphone issues" in the debates. -- 

Drink Every Time Trump Sniffs - Harvard Crimson  

Check out the rest of his work here

I told myself I was going to make this week's memo an airplane groping, pu**y grabbing free zone but this list was just too good (9&11 are personal favorites)

16 Quick Thoughts on Pu**y Gate - Medium  


People (in most cases) are not to blame for their circumstances. So why should we blame them for wanting to try and better themselves (despite how unrealistic it may be) through the democratic process? An inside look at the components of a Trump voter can help us answer that question. 

Why Trump Voters Are Not Idiots - Medium

Divided By Meaning - Medium


How US Torture Left a Legacy of Tortured Minds - NY Times

Smoke & Mirrors: The Chicago Police Department - The Intercept

TV / Hollywood

Craziest Westworld Theories- The Ringer

Why Do So Many People Watch HGTV? - Pacific Standard

If you've got a Facebook you have probably encountered Ms. Lahren one way or another (if you haven't I would not recommend it). Her takes are nothing short of scorching and tend to evoke a range of emotions out of Facebook's loyal army of commenters. Her style is thriving in the political environment created by the Don but will it last?

Tomi Lahren Has Some Thoughts - The Ringer

Anything involving MM is a must read/watch. Even Fool's Gold or Failure to Launch.

The Moment Matthew McConaughey Decided to Disappear - GQ


Why You Really Hate Tom Brady - Bleacher Report

The Misunderstanding of JR Smith - The New Yorker


Scientifically Proven Ways to Get in Shape - Cool Material

If you made it through college without taking even half an adderall then you deserve a medal. Probably two medals. It seems as though the majority of people have prescriptions or access to adderall, vyvanse etc. Doctors hand them out like candies to anyone who has the slightest sniff of ADD or ADHD (or can fake it). Yes it makes you concentrate and write a paper in under two hours but what are the consequences?

Generation Adderrall - NY Times Mag


Columbus Day Is the Most Important Day of Every Year - The Intercept

10 Binge Worthy British Netflix Shows - Cool Material

Who Owns Your Favorite Brewery? (Pic)

The House of Beretta - Garden & Gun

Weekly Memo

Weekly Memo

Weekly Memo

Weekly Memo