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Something feels like it's missing this week. I can't put my finger on what it is though. Any ideas?



Operation Stop the Warriors - Bleacher Report

Was Sonny Liston Murdered? - The Undefeated


Everybody loves a good harmless conspiracy theory. Did we actually land on the moon? What actually happened in Roswell, New Mexico? Most of these harmless theories contain tiny bits of convincing evidence but we just can't wrap our heads around them. On the other side of the spectrum there's Alex Jones. His entire life, career and persona is built on the backs of conspiracy theories, most of them bordering on lunacy (he thinks the government staged Sandy Hook among other things). While most would consider Jones a complete nut job, he has amassed a loyal following, which unsurprisingly includes Donald Trump.

Who is Alex Jones? - New York Times

I think I'd take 90% of these candidates over what we're dealing with now. 

The Just Plain Fiction Election - The Ringer

Foreign Affairs

One of the most significant military campaigns in Iraq since the beginning of ISIS occupation has begun. Iraqi led forces are bearing down on the ISIS stronghold of Mosul. ISIS is prepared with warnings of chemical weapons, tunnels dug throughout the city, and the usual suicide bombers. A US military member has already fallen causality to an IED, and the military expects the fight to take months. Here's a primer for what should be a long, deadly fight. 

Here's What You Need to Know About the Battle for Mosul - Vice News

At the Mosul Front: Traps, Smoke Screens & Suicide Bombers - New York Times

How Europe Left Itself Open To Terrorism - Digg

How Russia Pulled Off the Biggest Election Hack in US History - Esquire


Inside Hedge Fund Billionaire Steve Cohen's Comeback - Fortune

The idea that people will perform their job at a higher level if they have the proper incentives (ie paying higher wages)  is not  rocket science. The actual implementation of that idea, for some companies, can be rocket science. Walmart is not one of those companies. 

How Did Walmart Get Cleaner Stores and Higher Sales? - New York Times


At times the Facebook news feed can be pretty unbearable. Fake memes, viral videos, comments/statuses that make you cringe, the news feed has everything. But how does it all get there?

How the Facebook News Feed Works - TechCrunch


I'm a believer in Musk & Tesla. His electric & autonomous vehicles, solar power & Mars ambitions. It's all so much bigger than whether he can earn a buck of profit or not. I don't care about valuations, profitability or anything else financial related. Unfortunately for Tesla, a large number of investors disagree with me. They're consumed by balance sheets & income statements and do not like what they see.  

Why are Investors Paying Millions to Bet Against Tesla - Vice

Try and watch this video and not come away from it amazed.


Chipotle Eats Itself - Fast Company

The Most Absurd Fried Foods in Texas - Eater

Welcome to New York's Most Exclusive Restaurant - Vanity Fair


The Simpsons by the Data: Analysis of 27 Seasons - Todd Schneider

The Modern Ten Commandments - Vice

The World's Most Breathtaking Buildings (according to Architects) - Business Insider

Anchor Experiences Ron Burgundy-Esque Teleprompter Slip - Digg (Video)

Everything You Need to Know About Ski Season - Bloomberg

I got 2, maybe 3, out of 11 right. Some pretty remarkable images. 

Can You Identify These Major Global Cities from Space - Bloomberg

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