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Weekly Memo


Unless the polls (scientific ones) are wrong by a historic margin on a historic scale, this guy is going to go 30/31 in predicting Presidential elections. Maybe next time bud. 

Professor Doubles Down on Trump Victory - Washington Post

My money is on #3.

You'll Likely Be Reading One of these 5 Election Articles on Nov. 9 - Five Thirty Eight

I know there are a lot of you out there. People who can't stand Hillary, can't stand Trump, and want some true conservative values back in the White House. Unfortunately your choices don't allow that to happen. Here's a guide on how you may want to vote in  11 days.

A Guide for Undecided Republicans - The Atlantic

And to fuel the fire for those undecided Republicans...

The Dangers of Hillary Clinton - NY Times Op-Ed

This story needs no introduction. What a freaking joke.

Trump's Campaign Has Spent More on Hats than Polling - NY Mag

Inside the Trump Bunker With 12 Days to Go - Bloomberg


Why the Next President May Have More Power than Usual - Washington Post

This is "un-spinnable". Anyway you slice it it's a horrible look for Bill & his associates at one of the worst times for it to become public. Although there's no direct link to Hillary, people love to assume and create the link to satisfy their narrative. 

Inside 'Bill Inc.': Intersection of Charity & Personal Income - Washington Post


ISIS Sent Four Car Bombs at Me. The Last One Hit Me - NY Times

The Secret Eye Inside Mosul - New Yorker

"ISIS Using Thousands of Civilians as Shields" : UN - Bloombergc

Wacko Alt-Right Media

(only way to categorize the next couple of links)

Curt Schilling Joins Breitbart - NY Mag

The Invisible Empire of Alex Jones - Spin

Alex Jones, Explained - Vox

It may not be entirely fair to Wikileaks to lump them into the same camp as Jones, Breitbart etc. They've, historically, been a thorn in the side of both political parties. But today they're the darling of the Alt-Right. This piece, written by a former Wikileaker, gives an inside look at the man behind producing all of these emails.

Inside the Strange, Paranoid World of Julian Assange - BuzzFeed


Uber's Robot Truck Delivers Beer - ReCode

Uber Has Plans for Flying Car in Next 10 Years - Vanity Fair

Silicon Valley / Tech

Just the Good Stuff from Apple's MacBook Pro Event - Digg

Twitter is killing Vine. While it never caught on as a standalone service, watching Vines throughout your timeline became second nature. Dunks, Terrio, Vine had it all. RIP Vine.

Vine is dead, but let us pray these great Vines  will live on forever - Digg

Sports (Betting)

I Gambled on Last Year's World Series and Won Millions - Mel Magazine

Future of Sports Betting: The Bettors - ESPN Chalk

The Mixed Bag

Undercover With A Border Militia - Mother Jones

Dos Equis Debuts the New 'Most Interesting Man in the World' - Adage

If you're a reader in New York I would not recommend reading the article below, unless you like to party. 

NYC Tap Water Contains Molly & Oxycontin - Empire Herald

Seven Coolest Police Cars From Around the World - Cool Material

Hot Tamales not being on this list is criminal.

Halloween Candy, Ranked - Vox

10 Streets that Define America - Curbed

The Greatest Pop Culture Conspiracy Theories in History - Vulture

Weekly Memo

Weekly Memo

Weekly Memo

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