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Obama Reckons With a Trump Presidency - New Yorker

Worth the time just to watch wacko Alex Jones talk for five minutes. Guy is electric -- 

President-Elect Trump is Going to Appear on Info Wars - Slate

The Trump transition has been an interesting to follow. Rumors are rampant and it's fun to watch people (myself included) get worked up in a tizzy about who may or may not get top level government posts. While the process is still far from over, there is one person who we know will have the ear of the President-Elect on a daily basis. That person is Steve Bannon. 

Steve Bannon Is Not a Nazi - But Let's Be Serious About What He Represents - National Review

This Is How Steve Bannon Sees the Entire World - BuzzFeed

Included this in a memo last year, but is especially poignant now --

Steve Bannon; The Most Dangerous Political Operative in America - Bloomberg

Divided America

Income inequality, globalization, the proliferation of technology are all things that have contributed to the divide felt by many in America. Economic opportunity has moved to the major cities, leaving the middle of the country behind. With this divide comes resentment, felt by both sides. Until there becomes a greater understanding that resentment will continue to fester. 

This Ohio Town Voted for Obama By Huge Margins. Then It Flipped to Trump - Huff Post

What So Many People Don't Get About U.S. Working Class - Harvard Business Review

How The Election Revealed the Divide Between City and Country - The Atlantic

The Two Americas of 2016 - NY Times

Foreign Affairs

Rodrigo Duterte has made the most of his short time as President of the Philippines. He's told President Obama to "go to hell", while also enacting a violent drug war within his own country. Vigilantes run through the streets killing drug dealers and users without regard. The death toll has reached over 3,000 since Duterte took power and doesn't look to have an end in sight. 

When A Populist Demagogue (Not Named Trump) Takes Power  - New Yorker

"The Will Have to Die Now": With the Kurdish pesh merga On the Road to Mosul - NY Times Mag

U.S. Fingerprints on Attacks Obliterating Yemen's Economy - NY Times

If you're a foreign policy nut, you'll enjoy this interview with the polarizing Henry Kissinger. 

The Lessons of Henry Kissinger - The Atlantic

Facebook's Fake News Problem

The emergence of viral fake news, by all sides, has become a serious issue. Consider these two facts -- more than half of Americans get their news from Facebook, and more than half of Americans are not intelligent. That's not a great combination given the profileration of fake news on Facebook. Sprinkle a little distrust of the media, and America has a lethal combo that may or may not have gotten Trump elected. 

Facebook Fake News Writer: "I think Trump is in White House because of me" - Washington Post

This Is How Facebook Is Radicalizing You - BuzzFeed

Viral Fake Election News Outperformed Real News on Facebook In Final Months of Election - BuzzFeed

The Mixed Bag

How Casinos Enable Gambling Addicts - The Atlantic

18 Best TV Shows Right Now (according to critics) - Business Insider

Top 20 Fiction Books of 2016 (so far) - the What

Do Polygraph Tests Actually Work? - Priceonomics

Miami Beach Has Run Out of Sand. Now What? - The Verge

Why Do We Bite Our Nails? - The Verge

The Mixed Bag (of Photos)

The Best Photos of Obama's Presidency - Business Insider

The Obama Years Captured by WH Photographer, Pete Souza - The Atlantic

An Avalanche of Azaleas: Stunning Photos of Japan's Mifuneyama Park - Peta Pixel

Another Guy Who Photoshops Himself Into Celebrity Pics - Design Your Trust

The Best "Supermoon" photos from Around the World - Quartz

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