Weekly Memo

Weekly Memo

We finally made it. By next week's memo we will (hopefully) know who the next President will be. It is important to remember that one of the things that makes America uniquely great is our ability, as citizens, to let our voices be heard. Even if you hate both Clinton & Trump equally, vote. It's the most American thing you can do.

P.S. Everybody is filling out their own version of the electoral map, so I decided to join in on the fun. I'll check back in next week to see how it turned out. 

Official McColl Memo Electoral Map Prediction


This is my last chance. Skip over it if you want, but you'll only have yourself to blame in two years.....I'm only kidding! (sort of). 

Was a Trump Server Communicating with Russia? - Slate

I feel like I've seen this headline written 1000 different ways..

Donald Trump Uses Legally Dubious Method to Avoid Paying Taxes - NY Times

Trump Campaign Final Days - NY Mag

Donald Trump's pitch: to be everything foreigners hated about George W. Bush - Economist

My vote for "Late Night TV Bit of Election Season".. 

People Are Saying that Trump Can't Read (Video)

Trump is a clown. The majority of his supporters, however, are not. They are hard working, under-educated (generalization, I know) Americans who have a voice in our system just like everyone else. The future of American politics rest on the ability for one of the major parties to understand these voters, what issues they care about and how best to make them a permanent part of the process.

What I Learned after 1000 miles on the road talking to Trump supporters - Guardian

HRC's Emails

Let's recap. Hillary had a private server. She never really apologized or acknowledged wrong doing by having that server. The FBI, through a lengthy investigations, did not find enough evidence to suggest an indictment, but instead decided to scold her during a press conference. Now the FBI has found new emails, of which nobody knows anything about. House GOP members are already calling for her impeachment. Did I miss anything? Hopefully these articles will help clear up any confusion about the new batch of emails...

Why Investigation into Anthony Weiner Ended Up at Hillary's Private Server - Vox

10 Questions (and Answers) About New Email Trove - NY Times

Hillary Clinton's Latest Emails Explained - Guardian

And now for a laugh on the matter..

Anthony Weiner Sends Apology Sext to Entire Clinton Campaign - The Onion


Most voters are clueless. I would guess that more than 50% don't know the first thing about the issues, real policy debates or even basic facts about how our government works. Is it their fault? I'd argue no. They, for the most part, are under educated with their only access to information through Hannity or the far reaches of the internet. But should these uninformed voters even be allowed to partake in the process of electing our leaders?

The Case Against Democracy - New Yorker

If we thought this year was depressing, just wait till next year..

Why the Fight to Control Congress is Crippling Our Democracy - New Yorker


As of yesterday (11/2/16), Iraqi forces have entered Mosul and begun the next phase of their offensive against ISIS. This marks the first time in two years that Iraqi forces have been inside the city. 

23 Photos from Military Offensive to Take Back Mosul - BuzzFeed

The Meaning of Mosul - Council on Foreign Relations

The push by American backed forces (dubbed a disaster by guy who "knows more about ISIS than the Generals") seems to be going so well that the leader of ISIS decided to chime in and help rally his troops.

Leader of ISIS Issues First Public Statement In Over a Year - Vox

Here's a little background on the mysterious leader of ISIS:

How Al-Baghdadi Became the Leader of ISIS - Brookings


The Cubs finally breaking through and winning a World Series, coming back from the brink of defeat has to be one of the best sports stories this century. Congrats to all the long suffering Cubs fans. 

Reign Men - Sports Illustrated

Final Wait for Cubs Win Mixes Sorrow & Joy - ESPN

How Cubs Championship Hats Get To Your Store So Fast - Bloomberg

I found these articles to be especially insightful. Theo Epstein may very well be the best executive in all of sports. Known by many as a "numbers guy" (sabermetrics), Theo may not have used numbers as much as we like to think when building the world champion Cubs.

The Breaker of Curses - Quartz

The Cubs built the best team in baseball scouting for soft skills - Quartz

Silicon Valley /  Tech

How the Internet is Loosening Our Grip on the Truth - NY Times

Secrets of Silicon Valley Revealed in Colin Powell's Emails - Fast Company

Apple is no longer an innovative company, unless of course you consider the rushed to market Apple watch innovative. Do they make money? Yes. Do they have more cash than they know what to do with? Yes. Are they still a dominant player in the tech industry? Of course. But are they going to be eventually doomed with no true visionary leading the company? 

Steve Jobs Worst Decision was Promoting Tim Cook - Quartz

How Instagram Is Destroying Our Natural Wonders - The Ringer

How the Skimm Became a Must Read for Millennials - Bloomberg

Social Media Influencers: A Marketing Experiment Grows Into a Mini-Economy - Washington Post

The Mixed Bag

How Jon Stewart Revolutionized Late Night TV - Vanity Fair

How One Man Robbed Vegas' Biggest Casino and Almost Got Away - Rollingstone

How Man Caves Took Over America's Basements - Atlas Obscura

The NFL Was a Sure Thing for TV Networks. Until Now - Bloomberg

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