Weekly Memo

Weekly Memo

Took the advice of an old friend...the articles descriptions/write ups are now located under the article, not above. Enjoy. 


Trump Is First President to Get Less Than Half Vote In Primaries and General Election - Washington Post

Trump's Business Is Not Too Big To Sell - Bloomberg View

Trump's Most Obvious Conflict of Interest Is Right Down Street From White House - Quartz

The Array of Conflicts of Interest Facing the Trump Presidency - NY Times

Ignore the noise. Ignore the tweets. This is the story everyone should be focusing on. No matter your political affiliation, you should care. Trump is a walking conflict of interest. His response, thus far, has been to allow his kids to "run" his business. That's not good enough given the reports that are out there. Sell or get out of the White House. 

The Best Quotes of Sec. Of Defense Nominee Gen. Mattis - Quartz

There are some real winners in there.


How Americans Became Consumers: A History - The Atlantic

What To Do When Your Hate Your Boss - Harvard Business Review

Enron Still Matters, 15 Years After Its Collapse - New York Times

Inside Jobs: Hear What American Workers Have To Say About Their Jobs - The Atlantic


You Can Now Binge Netflix Offline - Wired

What the hell took Netflix so long to do this?

Apple May Have Finally Gotten Too Big For Its Unusual Corporate Structure - Vox

Confessions of an Instagram Influencer - Bloomberg


Why Does America Love Bass Fishing? - Gear Patrol

Perks of waking up early on a Saturday? You guessed it, ESPN 2 fishing and hunting shows.

Trump's Infrastructure Plan Could Be A Giant Sports Welfare Giveaway - Vice Sports

Interesting intersection between sports & politics.

After the Process: Meet Sam Hinkie 2.0 - SI

I'm a huge Hinkie fan so probably biased but this was the best thing I read all week.

Which Sports League Has the Most Parity - Harvard Sports Analysis


Inside the NFL's Big Tobacco Style Pursuit of Your Children - Huffington Post

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil - Esquire

Accused of dozens of sexual assaults on students, how did the head football coach of this prep school keep his job for so long?

How Football Helped Transform The Rock Into Hollywood's Biggest Star - SI

I dare you to try and name a more universally loved person in the world than the Rock. I dare you.

Bill Simmons v. Malcolm Gladwell: The Future of Football - The Ringer

No Tackle In Practice? No Problem In Ivy League Football - Vice Sports

The Mixed Bag

How To Hid $400 Million - NY Times

This was the second best thing I read all week. 

A Brief History of Masked DJs - Thump

50 Things Every Guy Should Know How to Cook - Cool Material

14 Of The Best Films of the 21st Century, Ranked By Historical Accuracy - Quartz

Helicopter Pilot's POV Landing on Ship in Rough Sea (Video) - Digg

How MDMA Treats PTSD: Everything You Need to Know: Rollingstone

Weekly Memo

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