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Vin Scully is a Legend but not a Saint - GQ

Theo Epstein: The Mastermind - ESPN

The Deflategate Scientists Unlock their Lab - NY Times

From Cuba with Heat: Jose Fernandez Journey - Grantland

Media / Movies / TV

Holy Shit, South Park is 20! - Hollywood Reporter

11 Greatest Westerns of All Time Ranked - Business Insider

50 Best TV Shows of All Time (according to Critics) - Business Insider


Hot Mess: How Goldman Sachs Lost $1.2bn of Libya's Money - Bloomberg

Why People Have Been Worrying about Deutsche Bank in 12 Charts - Bloomberg


President Trump's First Term - The New Yorker

Why Are so Many Business Leaders Tiptoeing around Trump? - NY Times DealBook

Trump's a Businessman. Where's his Business Backing? - NY Times DealBook

He's Trying to Lose - Medium

Trump's Debate Performance a Slap in Face to His Supporters - NY Post Opinion


Fact Check: Trump & Clinton Debate for First Time - NPR

In Their Own Words: Why Voters Support&  Have Concerns About Clinton & Trump - Pew Research Center

Hillary Clinton's Policy Team: The Future of America is Being Written in This Tiny Office - Huffington Post


If You Don't Understand BLM After Terence Crutcher's Death, You Never Will - VOX

Barack Obama: The Ultimate Exit Interview

America is Not the Greatest Country in the World. It's 28th - Bloomberg

In the Balance: The Supreme Court After Scalia - The New Yorker

The Full Rudy: The Man, The Mayor, The Myth - The Nation

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley's Secrets are Hiding in Marc Andreessen's Library - Wired

The Third Transportation Revolution: Lyft's Vision - Medium

The Best 8 Apps You've Never Heard of - Cool Material

How Hampton Creek Sold Silicon Valley on a Fake Mayo Miracle - Bloomberg


The World is Not Enough - The Economist

Elon Musk's Space Dream Almost Killed Tesla - Bloomberg

SpaceX's Big Fucking Rocket: The Full Story - Wait But Why (h/t ET)

The Biggest Lingering Questions About SpaceX's Mars Colonization Plans - The Verge

Food / Drinking

I am Anthony Bourdain and I'm really good at finding cool shit - Reddit (h/t CY)

When Restaurants Ditch the Dining Room - Eater

A Definitive Ranking of America's Fast Food Buffalo Sauces - Vice

10 Bars at the End of the World - Atlas Obscure

10 Drinking Games from Around the World - First We Feast

"Hangover Free alcohol" could replace all alcohol by 2050 - Independent


A Comprehensive Guide to Cognitive Biases - Quartz

Why America Will Never Stop Trying to Solve JonBenet Ramsey's Murder - Buzzfeed

Weekly Memo

Weekly Memo

Weekly Memo

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