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The Latest in Trump Wiretapping Claims Explained - Vox

What Trump Cut In His Budget - Washington Post

Eye opening graphics that take a look into Trump's first discretionary budget. 

Kellyanne Conway Is a Star - NY Mag

Kellyanne Conway has turned herself into the queen of the spin zone (aka bullshitting), all the while raising her profile inside and outside of the White House.

TV & Movies

The Corrupt Personalization of Netflix - Slate

How Netflix Wants to Rule the World - Variety

Dave Chapelle on Trump, Cosby & His Netflix Deal - NY Times

The Tricky Economics of "Peak TV" - Hollywood Reporter

I think we can safely say that TV has never been better. FX, AMC, Fox, CBS, NBC, HBO. They all have shows that are loved by critics and binged by everyone else. But is there a downside? 

Welcome to the Remake Kingdom - Vulture

Disney has fallen in love with the "live-action" remake, with the Beauty and the Beast as the latest example. Hopefully Disney continues this trend and decides to remake all 56 of their animated films.

How TV Opening Titles Got to Be So Damn Good - Wired

New personal favorite show opening -- Big Little Lies


Inside John Calipari's Media Empire - NY Times

Not Quite Like Mike - Bleacher Report

For Tar Heel fans, last March was an exciting time culminating with Marcus Paige's miraculous three point shot late in the National title game against Villanova. Then Kris Jenkins crashed the party. Here's Marcus one year later. 

The NBA's Secret Addiction - ESPN

It may not be what you think. 

The "Tinderization" of the NBA - ESPN

A Man Apart - ESPN TrueHoop

Cool profile on the baddest man in the NBA, Russell Westbrook.


The Magic in the Warehouse - Fortune

Inside look at Costco's warehouses.

Inside Amazon's Battle to Break Into the $800 Billion Grocery Market - Bloomberg

Amazon Is Just Getting Started - The Economist

Did Uber Steal The Driverless Future From Google? - Bloomberg

Domino's Atoned for Its Crimes Against Pizza and Built a $9 Billion Empire - Bloomberg

The Mixed Bag

Is The Boutique Fitness Bubble About to Burst? - Well & Good

Today we have millions of options in terms of exercise. Everybody has their favorite workout or they sign up for Class Pass and get a taste of everything. Our generation (millennials) love experiences and exercising has become another experience, just like going out to eat/drink, traveling etc. But at what point do we have too many options and when will those options start to evaporate? 

The Secret Plan for the Days After the Queen's Death - The Guardian

Queen Elizabeth is approaching her 91st birthday. She has outlived 12 US Presidents. All signs point to her still being in good health, and able to perform her duties but the day will come when she cannot. Does the Palace have a plan?

Side note -- If you are at all enamored by the British Royal Family and have not seen the Crown on Netflix I highly recommend it. 

The Like Button Ruined the Internet - The Atlantic

The Business of Shooting Pigs from the Sky - Pacific Standard

Tourists, assault weapons and helicopters. The perfect Texas cocktail for a serious feral pig problem.

How the Grateful Dead Revolutionized Rock and Created Modern Jam Bands - The Observer

How to Make the Most Out of Your Workday - NY Times

How One Man Survived Alone in the Wilderness for 27 Years - The Guardian

Why You're Better At Beer Pong After a Few Drinks - Tonic

Cuban Revolution - Texas Monthly

Mark Cuban for President? -- Could be something I could get behind.

Will Roger Federer Ever Be Done? - GQ

Inside the Hunt for Russia's Most Notorious Hacker - Wired

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