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Back from the dead.


What's in the Senate Health Care Bill - The Atlantic

What the Senate Bill Changes About Obamacare - Washington Post

The Senate Health Care Bill Explained - Vox

The bulk of the news out of Washington this week has been about the Senate Republican's health care bill. They decided to draft it behind closed doors, involve no women and only allow a couple hours of deliberation. The bill is vastly unpopular amongst all Americans (including Republicans)and may threaten the health care of millions. 

N. Korea & Russia

The Outrageous Death of Otto Warmbier - Economist

Tragic event but why are Americans even allowed to visit North Korea?

How to Deal With North Korea - The Atlantic

How an Entire Nation Became Russia's Test Lab for Cyberwar - Wired

Hopefully the White House is taking note (doubtful).

Poison in the System - BuzzFeed

From Russia With Blood - BuzzFeed

The Man Who Knew Too Much - BuzzFeed

The Secrets of the Spy in the Bag - Buzzfeed

Four parts of BuzzFeed investigation into questionable deaths, all linked to Russia, in Britain. It appears Putin's second favorite pastime behind interfering in elections is offing his opponents. 


Brooks Koepka outmuscled Erin Hills - Golf

Brooks took the golf world by storm last week in Wisconsin. Pretty amazing performance for a guy who thinks golf is "boring".

Between LaVar Ball and LaVar-ology - GQ

LaVar's prophecy came true last night when his son was drafted by the Lakers. Hopefully that will be enough to shut him up and let Lonzo's play do the talking.

A Celebration of Rafa Nadal - Longreads


Inside Apple's Global War on Leakers - The Outline

Tim Cook on Trump, the HomePod and the Legacy of Steve Jobs - Bloomberg

Uber's Fail is a Wakeup Call for Silicon Valley - Time

Quite the year for Uber. It seems that every month something else happens to the ride hailing start up. Now the company's founder has resigned, with rumors of him being forced out. 


Visualizing the Jeff Bezos Empire - Zero Hedge

Crazy info-graphic of the week. Does Bezos ever do anything wrong? He even invested $1 mill. in Google in 1998. He just can't lose.

Why Amazon Bought Whole Foods - Atlantic

Big news out of what has become a boring Wall Street.  

Amazon Granted Patent That Prevents Online Price Checking - The Verge

Amazon's New Customer - Stratechery

Amazon Will Let Customers Try on Clothes Before Buying - NY Times


How Major Lazer Bet on Diversity (and Data) to Make Global Hits - Billboard

The Secret Lives of Playlist - Watt

Inside Spotify's Financials - Billboard

Spotify Earnings: Growth Comes at a Cost - Music Industry Blog

The Mixed Bag

Mahershala Ali Thinks We Can Still Make this Country Great - GQ

If you haven't seen 'Moonlight' yet, I highly recommend it. 

America's Hidden H.I.V Epidemic - NY Times Magazine

All the Crazy Shit I've Seen as a Bachelor Party Stripper - Mel

The Golden Age of Restaurants - The Atlantic

We've never had more & better options for going out to eat. But the restaurant business has hit a rough path. What's gone wrong?

Why Your Brain Hates Other People - Nautilus

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"Weekly" Memo

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