"Weekly" Memo

"Weekly" Memo

Abbreviated memo this week in honor of the long weekend.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

President Trump

Just Wait - New York Mag

The National Enquirer's Fervor for Trump - New Yorker

Trump's Lies - NY Times

I present you (almost) every outright lie Trump has told since taking the oath of office in January. 


What's Wrong With The Democrats? - The Atlantic

No coherent message, poor candidates (Clinton, Ossoff etc.), just to name a few issues. 

Why the GOP's Plan for Healthcare Hit a Wall - The Atlantic

Is North Carolina the Future of American Politics? - NY Times Mag

For the sake of all America, I surely hope not.


How Apple's iPhone Changed the World in 10 Charts - ReCode

The Apple iPhone turned 10 this week. It's become, arguably, the most important piece of technology ever created.


Inside Apple's 6 Month Race to Make the First iPhone a Reality - Wired

The Future of Snapchat Filters (?) - Quartz

Filters allowing virtual sex? Intriguing. 

The Mixed Bag

Once a Model City, Hong Kong is in Trouble - NY Times

Stop Playing CNN in Airports - The Outline

I can get behind this.

Iranian City Soars to 129 Degrees - Washington Post

Pablo Sanchez: The Origin of a Video Game Legend - WBUR

A lot of kids would sit in front of the computer for hours upon hours playing Backyard Baseball. We all tried to get Pablo Sanchez on our teams. He was a combination between Arod & Bonds (minus the steroids) plus he could pitch like Clemens. 

The Oral History of 'Wedding Crashers' - Mel

The Wellness Epidemic - New York Mag

The Dad Who Photoshops His Daughter Into Dangerous Situations - New Yorker


"Weekly" Memo

"Weekly" Memo

"Weekly" Memo

"Weekly" Memo