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"Weekly" Memo

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How Trump Is Transforming Rural America - The New Yorker

Trump's Made in America Week Shows Us Why Nothing Is Made In America Anymore - GQ

Trump's Latest Interview Highlights Four of His Greatest Flaws - The Atlantic

If you're interested in gaining a glimpse into the mind of a mad man you can read the interview in full here

Steve Bannon Is Back In Trump's Good Graces - NY Mag

And he's leading the charge against Robert Mueller's investigation into the Trump & Russia..


The Legend of Phil Ivey, Poker's Mystery Man - The Ringer

Jon Jones Is Not the Bad Guy You're Looking For - Bleacher Report

Where Have All the Deions Gone? - SI MMQB

You Can Pay for a Ballpark Without Fleecing Taxpayers - Bloomberg View

A lesson that the Atlanta Braves should learn.

Does Anyone Want to Dominate Golf? - The Ringer

Anyone who has played golf knows that it is a fickle game. One day you can't hit a fairway and the next you're driving it like DJ. We, as golf fans, were spoiled by the utter dominance of Tiger Woods for a decade plus. The lack of "dominance" is just golf returning to the norm, and we should celebrate that. 


How Lyft Could Defeat Uber - Fortune

Alibaba Wants To Build China's Sports Industry - Bloomberg


Inside The Pied Piper of R&B's "Cult" - BuzzFeed

Must read of the week. R Kelly's sexual exploits are well documented. This is just another link of what has become a disturbing chain.

I Create Spotify Playlists For A Living  - BuzzFeed (YouTube Video)

The Death of SoundCloud Should Scare Music Lovers - Vulture

RIP SoundCloud and all the quality music that live there.

Why SoundCloud's Silence Would Be Deafening - Fast Company

The Mixed Bag

Why Sitting at Your Computer All Day Can Wipe You Out - NY Mag

Pouring one out for all of you who have done nothing but stare at Excel, Outlook & PDFs all week. 

This Rare Medical Condition Makes You Love Everyone - National Geographic

No thanks. 

The 100 Greatest Props In Movie History, And the Stories Behind Them - Thrillist

My vote is Wilson from Castaway.

Robert O'Neill Tells Story of the Night He Killed Bin Laden - Howard Stern Show (Audio)

Amazing first hand account.

Where North Korea's Elite Go For Banned Luxury Goods - CNN

"Weekly" Memo

"Weekly" Memo